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Professor and students in high school

Professor and students in high school
See how it is to study in the United States of America
European countries, France and Britain.

Ricardo Kaka and his Family converted to Islam

Islam Brazilian Kaka live footage and is pronounced certificate he and his wife in the United Arab Emirates

The fact video who weep cameraman and cry all he saw

The fact video who weep cameraman and cry all he saw
sobhan allah
A bird trying to defend her young son, which took place under the tree

Exams, study and use of technology in Japan

Latest methods of examinations in Japan
What does a university student in Japan
?fObservers and what to do in exams

Two girls in one body

sobhan allah see how they eat and drink
Thank God for the blessing of wellness

Director puts fire in the head in magical TV show

The American magician Wayne Houchin suffered a very serious accident while participating in a TV program in the Dominican Republic.

The illusionist chatted with production in the studio, when, inexplicably, the program director took an undisclosed amount of "Florida Water", a kind of colony highly flammable, and threw over the head of Houchin, who began to catch fire. In a video posted on the Internet, the magician appears desperate running the place for help.
Magician can not pay for itself damage

For the first time similar to President Morsi

Appearance is similar to President Morsy on the podium during the demonstrations
And saying his opinion about President Morsi